Saturday, January 13, 2007


Can we find peace now, when we have powerful sectarian divisions in Iraq?

The problem with having Shiites policing Sunnis is that they are too tempted to treat the Sunnis as the Sunnis treated them when Saddam was in power.

Why not have Shiites police Shiites, and Sunnis police Sunnis?

I don't see how else it can work.

Unity is a wonderful thing, but when one group has been abused by another, and then gets its freedom, it is usually not ready right away to form a unified government with its former oppressors. Usually the first step has to be separation, then working together more and more, before unity can be achieved. Pride and identity are so important to humans that they would rather kill than give it up. This is the reality of the human species.

If Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites divided up Iraq into three united states, and at the same time divided up oil profits without regard to where the oil fields are located, I think peace could be achieved. I imagine that the three states would be almost entirely independent, with a small federal government whose main obligation would be to hand out oil profits fairly.

I think the money that would flow to everybody from oil profits would be a powerful motive for all three states to stop fighting each other.

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