Thursday, May 24, 2007


Biden outraged at lack of support for marines

It's not just wounded troops who aren't getting enough support at Walter Reed and other military hospitals. Troops in Iraq are still under-protected by the Bush administration. The story below appeared on Delaware Online.

Outraged Biden questions Marine Corps request

By NICOLE GAUDIANO, News Journal Washington Bureau
Thursday, May 24, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Joe Biden reacted sharply Wednesday to the possibility that the Marine Corps delayed its response to an urgent request from field commanders in Iraq for mine resistant vehicles, calling it a "national scandal."

Biden said he was told field commanders made their first request in May 2006 for 185 mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles, V-shape vehicles that can reduce casualties from roadside bombs by two-thirds.

But a Marine Corps document that surfaced recently showed Marines made a "priority 1 urgent" request for 1,169 vehicles -- not 185 -- Feb. 17, 2005, a request the Corps says was handled appropriately. The "universal need statement" said there was an immediate need for "an MRAP vehicle capability" and that without them, "personnel loss rates are likely to continue at their current rates."

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