Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Cindy Sheehan loses faith in Democrats

Cindy Sheehan has lost faith in American democracy, now that Democrats have caved in to George Bush regarding a timetable for pulling out of Iraq.

Cindy's efforts for the past few years have been a demonstration of faith in the American people and political system. Cindy can claim a large degree of success since the American people have come to agree with her that the US should never have gone into Iraq.

But our political system is controlled by loyalty to individuals rather than to the American people. Alberto Gonzales' firing of eight Republican or Independent US attorneys is a perfect example of loyalty to a man (Bush) supplanting loyalty to America. Gonzales was safe until the Congress changed hands. Listening to Gonzales now, one gets the impression that he didn't realize that his first loyalty was supposed to be to the American people.

Our government won't function as a true democracy until we take money out of the election process. But while America struggles to return to its former glory, I'm sure Gonzales will be doing fine. He'll be offered plenty of jobs. What corporation wouldn't love to have a lawyer/lobbyist as loyal as Gonzales?

Cindy Sheehan now has two lost dreams to grieve for: a happy life for her son, and a functioning democracy for her country.

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